A Day by the Bay


On my Livejournal, I used to do shoots of my dolls at whatever destination I went with them. That actually stopped for a while, but over this weekend, I happened to bring Ichigo along to Microtel near Mall of Asia in Pasay City. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a proper camera and my phone died on me, so I had to rely on my dad’s tablet XD Hopefully these pictures are still pleasing to the eye.









A little bonus! Since there was an event on the rooftop last night, there were some flowers on a nearby table. The lighting’s a lot different from the rest of the set, but I found it fitting for her :3c


Microtel’s a pretty interesting accommodation. It’s somewhere between fancy and budget, which is nice if you’re a traveler looking for a happy medium. There’s a complimentary breakfast buffet, and the roofdeck is really lovely if you’re into views of the bay. It also gives you a great view of Solaire and the whole Mall of Asia complex. Also, it’s a popular place to stay during the pyro-olympics šŸ˜€


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