10 Things: Auber



1. It isn’t certain how long Auber had existed. But it is sure that there was a time when she was supposedly “destroyed” and left without her own form.

2. During the time she was without a proper form, she tended to stay with various mediums. Often, though, she didn’t stay for long. It was only when she met Ulalume that she stayed and slowly began to regain her own form.

3. As an entity that governs dreams, she rarely interferes in the affairs of humans. Neither is she someone people meet in their sleep. What she does is mainly watch and quietly influence.


4. Originally, Auber was simply a “shadow” to Ulalume– someone to haunt her. Like a part of her subconscious manifested into a being. But after some plotting with Jen, who owns Reaiah— a death prince– Auber was given a more salient role as one who governed over dreams. To an extent, she is still a part of Ulalume’s subconscious. She knows the things that she represses. But she’s become a character all her own, concerned with watching possibilities unfold.

5. Because of her role, Auber’s design is supposed to never be “ordinary”. She needs to always be in some form of elaborate dress or with a very intimidating accessory. But she also likes “ordinary” outfits that present a great deal of possibility, such as the simple black Victorian Mourning dress I made her once. If she was to pick any kind of garment to wear, she would like to be clothed in layers of silk robes– fluid things that represent a multitude of possibilities.

6. Speaking of her design, Auber’s persona also draws inspiration from the “Green Fairy” associated with the drink, Absinthe. But she’s the very opposite of something associated with liquor. She’s actually a very stoic personality. Green is her preferred color, as it seems to be associated with intoxication, hallucination, and both calm and fear. She also prefers to wear black as the absence of color to her represents a void that must be filled with creations only made possible by the human mind.


7. Despite her usually passive behavior, Auber can be fiercely protective towards those she cares for. She protects Ulalume from the dark thoughts lingering in her mind, has a very possessive streak over Reaiah, and might show the same kind of protectiveness to those she has her eye on. (*cough*Magnolia*cough*)

8. Speaking of those she cares for, although she doesn’t seem to take much interest in people other than those she’s immediately related to (Ulalume is her host, while Reaiah is her brother), when she finds someone to bond with (such as Maggie and maybe Blair), it’s easy for her to get fiercely attached.

9. If Ulalume has a strong sweet tooth, Auber prefers very bitter things: strong alcohol, coffee, tea… poison.

10. Auber is probably the only one in my crew who I would like a version of in another size (SD, actually)… which probably won’t ever happen unless I win the lottery or something like that.


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    • Well… she’s still sort of kind of a ghost. More like a spirit, really. She can appear and disappear at will. But people who can see things from the realm of the dead (like Blair) can see her even when she wants to be invisible :3

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