State of the Doll Plans: March 2013


For a while, I actually gave up on the notion of vaguely holding on to a fixed “doll plan” since I kept getting sidetracked by new characters being pushed into Ulalume’s story out of circumstance. Both Ichigo and Auber weren’t part of the plans at all, and so was Fenris– who is currently still just a head in Joey’s possession.

Now, although Fenris’ body still is the priority, I’ve got new doll plans that I feel like I want to pursue… at least for this year.


#1: IL:SA

IL:SA stands for Intuitive Lifedoll: Servant Automation, a successful servant android project developed by Quentin Payne’s LIFEDOLL Technologies, a lesser-known branch of his larger TechTots corporation. LIFEDOLL is preoccupied with developing sophisticated android technologies for various purposes, beginning with IL:YA, the first Inuitive Lifedoll with a Young Adult build. Unfortunately, IL:YA was an aimless robot. Developers realized that they needed to be built with a purpose, so they took IL:YA’s model and reprogrammed her into IL:SA, a model built mainly for servant tasks.

As part of his job as Ulalume’s godfather to keep an eye on her welfare, he decides to send IL:SA to her to assist with daily tasks.


Once upon a time, I had an tabletop RPG character named Ilya Silverdawn. She was drawn from a maid RPG game; an interesting randomly generated character born of dice rolls. From those dice rolls, she was given blue hair, steel-grey eyes, and a boyish attitude. Despite her random origin, she became a really dear character to me. But if she was going to be a doll, I would want her to be a Dollfie Dream or any other anime-style doll. To fit her properly into Ulalume’s world, and to reflect the fact that she looks totally different from my other dolls, I decided to make her an automation.


#2: Rua


For the longest time, I wanted to have a tiny girl. A tiny girl to tote around wherever. But at the same time, I wanted her to be a kind of “cheap thrill”, a bundle of pure happiness. And that’s how I came up with Rua. Originally, her name was derived from Robot Unicorn Attack, as a kind of homage to its mindless amusement. But when you actually look “rua” up, it’s actually a Hebrew word which means “to raise a (joyful) shout” or “give a blast”. It’s oddly appropriate for a very loud and happy girl.

Since all of the dolls I plan need to be linked to Ulalume’s world in some way, I’m debating whether she should be another product of LIFEDOLL Technologies or if she’s simply a young girl who had shown up out of nowhere. All I know is that so far, her sculpt is definitely a very happy one: SQLabs’ KSG Moe.


Both of these girls, I totally feel like getting within the year after completing Fenris first. XD What do you think of them?


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