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10 Things: Ichigo


1. Her full name, Amami Ichigo, is taken from Amami Oshima, an island in Japan known for its unspoiled natural surroundings. It’s also home to the Amami Rabbit, a species that is only found on the island.
2. Originally, I wanted to give her two names: Ichigo and Ichiko, to differentiate between her two forms (rabbit and resin). Simpler is better, so I stuck with Ichigo.
3. The Amami rabbit prefers a habitat that’s between mature and young forests. Ichigo does her best to establish herself as a full-fledged city girl, but her naivete and love for everything romantic is reminiscent of a simple country girl.
4. Among the residents in my side of Dormitorya Tzara, Ichigo has the most number of different hairstyles ranging from long and straight to frizzy mohair to elegant curls. But no matter what the hairstyle, Ichigo’s hair must be pink.
5. Ichigo’s birthday is August 15, which makes her a Leo. Rawr.

Ichigo back in 2006, hanging out with Ara’s Zeki.

6. Ichigo chats with Mistula’s Uno in Japanese every now and then. Due to all the years she spent in the Philippines, Ichigo’s lost most of her hold on the language.
7. Since Ichigo (as a rabbit) lived with me since 2006, she is technically the eldest resident of Dormitorya Tzara. (Her character age is also 16, making her also the eldest character so far.)
8. Despite all her feminine charm, Ichigo knows Judo. It isn’t known where she picked it up, but Ulalume guesses it’s part of her instinct as a magical girl. Ichigo says she’d just like to continue studying Japanese martial arts. After all, you’d never know when it could come in handy.
9. True to her roots as a rabbit, Ichigo is a vegetarian.
10. Despite the courageous front she shows, especially in front of Lobo, Ichigo often is a bit insecure and is intimidated by other girls who she thinks are prettier or more gifted than her.