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The Half-A-Tzara Guide to Characters


Ulalume Picabia
Age: 10
Nationality: Unknown (European descent?)
Birthplace: Unknown (Europe?)
Birthday: October 22 (arrived in the Philippines in 2007)
Hair: Blond (Default – Volks W-117N in 613)
Eyes: Blue-Green (Default – DropRops 18mm in Turquoise Blue Gradation)
Sculpt: MSD F-18 Girl
Father – Edgar Picabia (Businessman)
Mother – Annabelle Picabia (Housewife)

Sent off to the Philippines after a tragic fate befell her mother, Ulalume finds herself a little lost. Having never stayed in one place for too long, everything on the tropical island is very new to her. But slowly, she roots herself and learns about many things.

She likes daydreaming, watching clouds and doing arts and crafts.
She dislikes mean people, salty food and being alone.

Amami Ichigo
Age: 16 (human), unknown (rabbit)
Nationality: Japanese
Birthplace: Amami Oshima
Birthday: August 15 (became human in 2009)
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Brown (Default – DropRops 18mm in Camel Brown)
Sculpt: SD13 Elena

The rabbit girl, Ichigo, lives to love. In fact, she became human only because she wanted to love Mistula’s wild wolf, Lobo. But becoming human made her vulnerable to very human things– like the angst that comes when you’re sixteen: torn between a childish belief in magic and realizing that the world may not have it.

She likes flowers (eating them), salads and city lights.
She dislikes succumbing to her docile rabbit moments.

Auber Absinthe
Age: unknown (immortal?)
Nationality: unknown
Birthplace: unknown
Birthday: unknown (became whole again on March 24, 2012)
Hair: Black (Default – LUTS long one-curl wig)
Eyes: Gray-Green (Default – Makoeyes LE-006)
Sculpt: LUTS KidDelf Summer Event 2010 Girl
Younger Brother – Reaiah

The embodiment of Dream: presents all possibilities, rejects none. But outside of her role, she seems very protective over her younger brother. She once shared a body with Ulalume. Although she now possesses one of her own, she still hasn’t given anything away yet.

It isn’t sure if she likes anything.
But she doesn’t want just anyone touching her brother.